So Hello again :) I don’t know if any of you will remember me but I run this blog on nail posts and fashion and beauty and whatever else takes my fancy. Let me start by saying I am so so so so sorry I haven’t posted since December! It really is truly terrible of […]

Hi guys :)

So today I must hang my head in shame. I haven’t posted in ages even though i love making posts and painting my nails. I have a number of excuses, the main ones being: My nail broke and I had to cut all my other nails really short so it didn’t look odd but now […]

Okay guys, here’s another short post for y’all! The lovely Ines is having a giveaway, which you should try and check out. It’s a beautiful cold porcelain necklace with a long chain length, have a look/ enter the giveaway here Good luck to you all and great giveaway Ines!