Hi guys :)

So today I must hang my head in shame. I haven’t posted in ages even though i love making posts and painting my nails.

I have a number of excuses, the main ones being:

  • My nail broke and I had to cut all my other nails really short so it didn’t look odd but now i can only do small designs which sucks :(
  • A-Levels are so so so so so much harder and more time consuming than i ever could have imagined. I got behind on a few pieces of work about 4 weeks ago due to  school trip and I’m still playing catch up!

So sorry I’ve not posted in ages, I will try to get my act together and start blogging again

Umm so yeah, expect posts in the future but at the moment i cant post 3 per week 

Love to you all,

see you soon

Caitlin xx


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