Miss Sporty Metal Fusion Aurora Borealis Review!!

Hi people :)

So yesterday I thought I would try out the new Nail polish my friend Vicky bought me for my birthday last month. 



photo from Superdrug

This colour is really pretty and depending on the lighting and angle your nails look different colours. 


Most of the time they look like the perfect blue for winter.



Then they catch the light and BOOM they look shimmery lilac! It’s a beautiful two tone metallic finish.

The bottle itself only holds 7ml, which is a lot smaller than I would have liked. I like me lots of polish :) 

It’s brush is plenty thick and spreads drops of polish all over the nail easily as it fans out when pressure is applied and can cover most of my nail.

Although application is easy, you need quite a few coats to get an opaque finish. I ended up wearing two coats of white polish underneath it as a base coat and even then I needed three coats of the metal flip to cover up the white.

As you can see, tip wear set in straight away. I only painted these last night and I can already see the tips of my nails where the polish used to be.

Overall this is a beautiful colour and I will definitely wear it during winter time as I think it has an element of frostiness about it. Unfortunately it isn’t long lasting and I have a feeling my bottle will run out pretty soon. I think this would work nicely as a top coat over other polishes to add shimmer when held at different angles and will probably wear it more like that than on its own.

But for its price of £1.99 for such a unique colour it’s a great buy and I recommend it to you all this winter.




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