Okay guys, hope you’re all well. I went spending the other day and I thought I’d show you all what I bought. So be prepared for outrageously cheap clothing ahead, yes this is a warning!!



So the first thing I bought was this handy little travel set. I think it will be great for when I’m going to Manchester as a residential trip with my geography class. I can transfer part of my big bottled shampoos and conditioners etc into theses easier to pack ones. And they even come with sticky labels so I don’t end up washing my body with shampoo (it’s happened before guys…)

This is part of the Primark beauty range and I bought it for £1


Okay, I realise this looks gold, but that’s because of the lighting and camera flash (so basically my fault). This necklace is actually silver in colour and I already own one of these. I bought my first one when I went shopping during the summer but when I got home, there weren’t enough letters supplied for me to spell what I wanted so the other day I decided to buy another one so hopefully now I will have enough letters! 

The way this necklace works is that you can remove and replace the letters on two separate chains and spell whatever you like, although I find short words settle better around the neck and chest area and unfortunately there’s no charm you can place between words so they often seem to jumble together. But it’s a great necklace and a really creative idea. I bought this one for £2.50 after finding it hidden among the jewellery displays at Primark.


I promise I did buy clothes, I’m just showing you all the less pretty, but equally useful, stuff first :)

These elastics were again from Primark and I wanted them so I didn’t have to try and tie up my hair when it’s plaited in scrunchies not a good look guys!

These were £1 for a pack of 300 and I guess I got what I paid for because i wore one today and it had snapped before school was over :( but at least there’s a lot of them to work through.



Right, I’m gonna be super un-detailed with this. It’s a pack of 3 face cloths bought for £1.50. Only two are pictured as the other is currently drying on my radiator. I needed new facecloths and theses were lilac and cheap :) again, Primark was where I got them.


People, just look at these socks, aren’t they cute! I wanted some frilly socks and these are perfect. I found them in Primark for £1.50 and I fell in love. the flower pattern is super cute and they’re really quite thick socks- much thicker than my older primark trainer socks. So I had to get them and I now own them and they look really nice popping out the top of my ankle booties :)


I find primark cable knit tights to be the comfiest cosiest tights in my price range. At the moment they make them in 5 different colours: oatmeal, navy, oxblood red, black and brown. The ones pictured are brown and they kinda meet on the line between brown and grey. They cost me £3. I think they’ll look lovely with some knee high boots and a skater skirt or even just with a baggy jumper on an evening in cuddled up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate, ahh winter!


I know, i know, you all think I’ve gone back to showing boring things again. I’m sorry. This cardigan is so figure hugging and the sleeves are just the right length I tend to find sleeves are either too short or too baggy so it’s nice when cardigans get them right :) This may shock some of you but before this shopping trip I didn’t own any wearable black cardigans. They’re seen as such a wardrobe staple and work with almost anything and I didn’t own one! Thankfully the problem has been rectified now largely thanks to Primark and their £6 cardigan range.


This t-shirt is so warm! Just thought I’d tell you that. I really like the design as well (I showed it my nan and she said the girl looked like me when I photograph stuff) and I didn’t even realise this until right now but the girl is wearing a bow in her hair, now it’s an even better top people! This cost me only £3 in primark which I thought was great.


Yep, I bought a summer dress. In winter. Ooopsies! I’d seen this pattern in primark before and loved it but unfortunately I hadn’t loved the cut and fit of the dress it had been on. their was some kind of slit along the back and it didn’t feel right. So I was so happy to see this beautiful print on a dress style I liked! It’s quite tight around the bust area and flows down to just above the knee and I paid only £5 for it. Yes that’s not a typo, £5!!!!

I’m thinking about saving it for next summer when I get to go to ITALY on a school trip!!! But before I put it away, is there any way you wonderful people know how to style it for autumn/winter so I can wear it now? Let me know in the comments, I will be most grateful :)


This has to be one of my favourite dresses at the moment (I will probably include it in my November favourites post at the end of November!). It’s lacy and really really gorgeous. And, thank God, it’s lined! I hate see through dresses and I hate accidentally buying a see through/sheer dress and then having to go hunting for a slip dress to go underneath :( not fun. But this dress is beautiful. It’s so comfy and cute and I can think of so many different occasions to wear it to. I can style it up for a party or dress it down and wear it casually to school one day. Ugh so pretty. And thanks to Primark this cost me only £5. THANKYOU PRIMARK!!!!




So I managed to restrain myself and only buy four nail polishes for myself when I went spending. These were the first two I bought. I went into Boots and saw they had a three for two offer on most beauty products. So these two and one other that wasn’t for me cost me £7.38 and I think it was worth it. The blue is called “mind the gap, victoria” and it reminds me of a nurse’s uniform as it’s very similar shade I think. The green is called “round and round the garden” and it’s quite a muted tone. I think they’re perfect for autumn and can’t wait to try them out properly. Next on my list of trying out and wearing polishes is a blue/purple metallic polish by miss sporty. My best friend Vicky bought it for me and I want to try it on!! (everybody say hi to vic incase she’s reading this)


This is a beautiful deep green shimmery colour. It’s by Revlon and is in the shade Emerald City. It sparkles but doesn’t shine. This i because it’s a matte suede polish, meaning it has no shine (hence the “matte”) and feels soft and like fabric to touch (there’s the “suede” part). I love it. It’s stunning and such a lovely deep green. The best part? it was another of my Poundland/Discount UK purchases so only cost me £1.  Just £1 for a 14.7ml Revlon nail enamel. A-MA-ZING!


This is another Revlon polish, again from poundland. And yes, it really is as bright as it is in the picture! This is a showstopping colour, guaranteed to earn you many a double take. I love it’s name: Sassy. Seems to me to cover this brilliant hue perfectly :)


Aaaaaaaannnnddd… here are the swatches :) I think it’s pretty obvious what order they’re in but I’ll tell you all anyways. From top to bottom, “mind the gap, victoria” “round and round the garden” “emerald city” and “sassy”

So that’s my shopping haul :D Which item was your favourite? Which polish colour would you buy?

~also gotta say I’m planning a follower giveaway soon, more details later~

Loves you all xxx




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