As promised, the OPI Nicki Minaj Super Bass Shatter review!!!

Okay everyone, I’m so pleased with myself for scoring this nail polish at such a bargain I’ve just gotta tell you the story. It was my birthday and we went to Tesco to buy food for lunch (sounds excitin dunnit?) and next door to our Tesco is a Discount UK shop (like poundland) so I went inside Discount UK to buy me some uber cheap polish and amongst all the really cheap polishes I would usually buy, I found this gem. I couldn’t believe it! An actual honest to God real OPI nail polish and it was purple and glittery so I couldn’t resist and I bought it. Here’s the best part, the cost was 100 of your English pennies! (£1) for a flippin OPI shatter polish from the Nicki Minaj range!!! So take a gander and feast your eyes on this beautiful colour :)


So here it is in all it’s glory – I’m so proud of myself hehee :)

I’ve got to say I’m very pleased this polish is in my possession it’s just so beautiful. When I bought it my eye was drawn towards the packaging, the lid design is super effective: I immediately know it’s a crackle/shatter polish. The photograph (taken with my camera because I finally have batteries) makes it look a little more pink than it is in real life. It’s more of a purpley pinky colour with pink sparkles in and I love it. I applied it to my nails and the shatter effect began immediately, and as this is only my second shatter/crackle polish, I’m still feeling that novelty of watching it separate and form jagged patterns before my eyes. It’s a blink and you’ll miss it kind of moment. (DON’T BLINK for any Doctor Who fans reading?!). I didn’t have too long to wait for it to dry which was nice, I think it took a bit longer than usual because the yellow coats beneath were not dry all the way through and were still a bit tacky to touch. Maybe if I’d not been impatient the effect would be even better. Although I can’t suggest any improvements, for me this is an awesome polish and you should all own it as it looks amazing over any colour (although personally i prefer it layered over lighter colours). Let me know in the comments what colour(s) you would layer it over :)

Oh, and to create the look I used these polishes:


Sally Hansen Double Duty seriously people I swear by this as both a base and top coat 

Pink Tease pastel yellow Discount UK £1

OPI Nicki Minaj Super Bass Shatter unfortunately this shade is now unavailable from the OPI website, if you’re desperate for it try amazon or ebay or your local poundland like i did :)

Have a smashing day/night and I will see you guys in two days time!! 


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