Rainbows, birds and trees nails!


Hey lovely people :)

So today I thought I’d show you what my mum’s nails currently look like as whenever I paint my nails she gets me to paint hers as well (which I love doing). By the way I’m waiting for new camera batteries so these photos so far have been taken with my phone, obviously when I’ve got my camera the photos will be better and I will be able to edit them and add my URL to future photos and make them look more professional.

For this design I followed Robin Moses’ youtube video called Love Birds on Rainbows (check it out here) (check out her blog here)

For a base coat I used Essie’s first base. [£8.99]

Then you have to use 11 different polish colours.

I used:

  1. Rio nail art pen in metallic dark red [gift from mum]
  2. Boots 17 in red (part of last years Christmas wardrobe- the label has worn off so I don’t know the shade name) [gift from an aunty]
  3. Rio nail art pen in a red-y orange-y colour (again no label left on it) [gift from mum]
  4. Revlon colorstay nail enamel in 90 sorbet [£1 found in Discount UK]
  5. Boots 17 in gold (again part of last years Christmas wardrobe) [gift from an aunty]
  6. Discount UK’s Pink Tease brand in pastel yellow [99p]
  7. Collection 2000 hot looks in 33 button moon [£1]
  8. Miss Sporty metal flip in 23 (it’s a metallic blue/purple) [birthday present from a friend]
  9. technic pretty pastels in moonlit jade [99p bodycare]
  10. Rimmel London lasting finish in 198 azure [£1.99]
  11. an unnamed brand from Discount UK in dark blue (it’s also a matte polish so adds extra texture) [£1]

For the details I used a cheap black striper and dotter nail art pen from Discount UK [£1]

I finished it off with my Sally Hansen double duty base and top coat.

I really loved painting this design, it looks amazing and wasn’t as hard to achieve as it looks.

Do you think you would want to replicate this design?


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