Spoooooky nails!!

spooky nails

I’m very excited about Halloween today, and here’s just one reason why: my spooky nails!! Aren’t they amazing?? I was inspired by the wonderful Alice over at onenailtorulethemall.blogspot.co.uk

I tweaked her design a little bit but you get the gist.

For the base coat I used Essie’s First Base base coat which works really well, I like the way it never fully dries because it seems to me like it attaches to the next coat of polish better that way. I bought it for £8.99 from Amazon ( I will review each of my polishes properly when I get around to it ).

On my thumb and ring finger I used a polish I bought last week from Discount UK. It’s by w7 and the shade is 91 Metallic Saturn. I really like the effect it gave with the glitter on top.

On my other fingers I used two coats of the black polish I’m holding in the photo. It’s by technic in the shade Jet Black and I’ve only ever seen it for sale in Bodycare. Anyway it cost £1 and makes a very opaque shade if you apply two coats of it.

For my first layer of glitter I used a nail polish by Primark! It was given to me by a friend over a year ago and its nearly an empty pot :( i love it so much. It has lots of silver glittery bits in, all really small, and the glitter spreads really easily- there’s so much crammed into the pot! The glitter is floating around in a clear polish colour and I think it’s meant to be a top coat. The brand name is Opia (Primark’s knock-off of OPI) and it has no name for the shade but I like to call it sparkly goodness!

Layered on top of the primark glitter, I used Collection 2000’s Bedazzled nail effects in the shade Razzle Dazzle. This is another glitter but it has different sized pieces of glitter and different colours too. I got it as a freebie in Boots when buying Christmas presents for my friends. There was a deal which I hope they do this Christmas where you could buy 5 Collection 2000 coloured nail polishes and get a bedazzled glitter polish free. So of course all my friends got nail polish for Christmas!

For the white decoration I used another polish from discount UK. It’s a nail art pen with a thin striper brush, and if you remove the lid you get a little dotter thingy. The brand name was Pink Tease and I bought a simple white.

I finished off with Sally Hansen’s Double Duty base and top coat (which i swear is magic, it dries so fast) which i buy regularly-this one is my third bottle since May- from Bodycare where it costs £3.98

I hope you like my look, I sure do :D


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