Hello lovely people in the blogosphere, I’m Caitlin. This will be my very own fashion and beauty blog. I will be showing what clothing I’ve bought and introducing you to my wonderful world of Charity Shopping! and of course, i can’t forget the nails. I’ve been painting my nails religiously for about a year and i love it. There are so many beautiful colours and styles around and i just lurve it!

I wanna introduce myself properly. I am a 17 year old girl (obligatory WOOP! ?) and i started using nail art as a stress reliever between revising for my GCSE’s. I would revise for 2 hours, take an hour break to paint my nails and let em dry and then go back to revising. Surprisingly it worked really well, so well in fact that my teachers noticed and allowed me to keep the nail polish on my nails (even though School rules said no nail polish). As i result i got a lot of polish practice and can now paint nails pretty well if i do say so myself :)

Being an unemployed teenage girl with a steady growing interest in fashion, i found actually shopping for clothing super hard. There were so many different shops and prices seemed higher than i remembered them being. Then a Primark opened in my town and BOOM! I could suddenly afford pretty clothes every once in a while. Then a family friend set up a charity shop in a local village and i went there with mum and BOOM! again. I bought 3 tops for £1 in total on that day. So now i am fascinated with charity shops and already have quite a haul of clothing from them. I recently found a place in my town which i like to call Charity Shop Row. There is a Bluebell hospice; a British Heart Foundation; a Help The Aged; a British Red Cross and a Breast Cancer Research charity shop. It’s a cheap shopper’s haven!

So this went on rather long and hopefully i wasn’t just rambling on. I hope you find my blog enjoyable, i will be posting recent Charity shop items I’ve bought and my most recent Nail art designs (with tutorials) over the next few weeks. Anything else you would like to see? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment :)


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